5 More Great Online Banks 5 More Great Online Banks
shares Facebook Twitter Google+While analyzing various services, we presented you with 5 best online banks in our previous article, but we couldn’t just stop... 5 More Great Online Banks

While analyzing various services, we presented you with 5 best online banks in our previous article, but we couldn’t just stop there. Here you can find even more great banking portals for your finances!

1. FNBO Direct

FNBO Direct review

FNBO Direct offers a 0.95% APY with their online savings account and a 0.65% APY with their checking account. There are no maintenance fees, and phone support is available 24/7.

To join, you simply have to go to their website and provide your information while registering an account.

2. State Farm Bank

State Farm Bank review

Although the rates are not that impressive (0.10% APY with a savings account), State Farm Bank does offer a couple of features that not all online banks have. It also has a mobile app, offers ATM reimbursement, and provides 24/7 support.

It takes about 10 minutes to get your account going. You will have to provide your date of birth, contact info, and social security number.

3. Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank review

At Synchrony Bank, savings account offers a decent 1.05% APY with a 1-year CD rate of 1.25% APY. The minimum deposit required to earn the 1.25% APY on CD is $2,000. There’s no mobile app or checking account option currently available. The savings account does have an ATM card, allowing easy access. 24/7 phone support and remote deposit are available too.

Creating an account is quick and easy. You will need to provide the usual information, along with your account numbers for transferring funds.

4. First Internet Bank

First Internet Bank review

First Internet Bank has a 1-year CD rate of 1.11% APY, which is appealing. There is a $10 maintenance fee for the 0.55% APY checking account with a balance under $500. The bank also has a Free Savings account that requires no fees, with a 0.40% APY and a $25 minimum deposit. They provide an ATM card with their savings option, free mobile app, and a remote deposit.

To join, simply go online and create an account by providing required information to confirm identity.

5. Nationwide Bank

Nationwide Bank review

Nationwide Bank comes in last because it is the only one that requires jumping through hoops, like keeping a minimum monthly balance amount of $300. Their 1-year CD is competitive at 1.05% APY with balances under $100,000, but there is only 0.30% APY for savings accounts. They do offer easy access at over 76,000 ATMs and a free mobile app. However, their phone support is not available 24/7.

Like with most online banks, you will be able to sign up quickly on their website.

We hope that this list has helped you decide which online bank offers the best rates and is most suitable for you. If you have an absolute favorite, don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below! Also, it may come in handy to check reviews for other financial services, like Bankrate or Santander!

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