8 Essential Money Tips for Young Adults in 2017
Most young adults these days do not have a clue about how to administer their funds. This happens because, unfortunately, managing of funds is not a required subject neither in college nor in high school. Here are a few financial tips for young adults that you can use to... Read more
4 Small Business Loan Myths You Should Be Wary Of
With the increase of alternative lenders, there has been a distinct change to lending standards from just a couple of years ago. Now, it is much easier for small business owners to meet the criteria for a business loan, and it is also much easier for them to apply.... Read more
3 Ways to Finance a Small Business for Women
As of 2012, there are almost 10 million women who own a business in the USA. That’s a 26.8% increase since 2007. If you are a woman that owns a small business, there are numerous lending options out there for you. Beyond the use of personal savings, credit cards,... Read more
Small Business Loans: Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes
Traditionally, small businesses find it challenging to access additional capital, like loans from banks. It’s important to avoid rookie mistakes or lenders may not take your request seriously. 1. Don’t max out cards Simply put, if you are looking to get a business loan (or a loan of any... Read more
Glossary of Loan Terms
A Acceptance rate: The percentage of customers who are successful in their loan or credit card application. A minimum of 66% of applications that are successful have to have the advertised rate offered, which is known as the typical APR. Annual percentage rate (APR): The APR shows the real... Read more
Unemployed – Rules to Live By
Graduating from college can be a great feeling, especially when you’re heading into the job market with all kinds of opportunities to become gainfully employed and do what you love. Things were looking great – and then they weren’t If you have found yourself a “cutting-edge” job that’s exciting,... Read more
Understanding Online Loans
Most of us don’t have the extra cash we need to purchase new appliances, a new car, or to take a vacation. Instead, most of us have to borrow the money – usually as a personal loan. A personal loan lets you borrow up to $25,000 over a term... Read more