How to Effectively Monitor Your Credit Score and Credit Report
If you have bad credit, it can mean less than favorable interest rates for you as well as costing you thousands more when you get a car loan, a student loan, or take out a mortgage. It can result in your not being able to lease that apartment you... Read more
Getting Real About Personal Loans
These days, more and more Americans are turning to personal loans. This usually happens because people are trying to replace a lack of savings, especially if an unpredicted situation occurs. Kevin Gallegos, Vice President of Freedom Financial Network, stated that “personal loans are not necessarily problematic themselves. They can... Read more
How to Get a Loan After Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy can feel like the worst thing when it comes to your credit. After all, you will be stuck without one for up to 10 years. But it is very possible to build up decent credit score while you’re waiting for your bankruptcy to age off of your report.... Read more
Americans Are Not Prepared for Emergencies
There are minor emergencies such as a flat tire, root canal, or a busted pipe that happen all the time. But for most Americans, these inconveniences are true recipes for financial ruin, states Bankrate. Every second person is at risk In a recently released survey, Bankrate found that 63%... Read more
6 Credit Resolutions You Should Know About for 2016
If you want to improve your finances this year, why not make a New Year’s resolution for 2016? It’s okay if you make it late. The point is that you make it and then work towards adhering to it. Fidelity recently did a study and which showed that 37%... Read more
Unemployed? You Can Still Get a Loan
If you find yourself without a job and on the unemployment lines, it can result in a cash shortfall, so you may want to take out a loan to take the pressure off making ends meet. The problem is that most lenders will deny you a loan because they... Read more
How to Avoid Loan Fraud

How to Avoid Loan Fraud

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If you are having financial difficulties, you can be an easy target for those involved in loan fraud. Why is that? That’s because these fraudulent companies offer to ease the financial woes you are experiencing and to lend you money with the option of long-term repayment. However, in order... Read more
Checklist for Getting a Loan
One great way to borrow some money is through a low-rate personal loan. It allows you to lend as little as a thousand dollars, with the maximum being up to around $25,000 unsecured and $100,000 or higher for a secured loan, depending on your credit and collateral. No matter... Read more
How to Borrow When You Have Poor Credit History
Every now and then, almost all of us find ourselves in a position where we need to borrow cash. Almost always this happens when money is tightest and getting credit is not always easy. These days banks, mortgage companies, and other lending institutes are more choosey about who they... Read more
Breaking Down the Myths about Personal Loans
In recent years, personal loans have certainly grabbed the attention of consumers from all walks of life, in many cases leaving them annoyed or frustrated. Personal loans are designed to provide a financing option for just about any kind of purchase from a vacation to a yacht and can... Read more